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Terms and Conditions

Objects such as vehicles, snow toys, lumber, firewood, rebar, phone books, garbage cans/lids, etc. must not obstruct or delay snow removal operation. The operator is unable to notify the customer of obstructions on route. The operator will remove as much snow as possible around th e obstruction and return on the next route. Customer is responsible for keeping the service area clear throughout the season. Freed’s Snow Removal and its employees assume no liability and will not be responsible for damage, clean up, or replacement of any objects left within the service area that was damaged, destroyed, scattered, or moved by our equipment.

Areas near vehicles, buildings, garage doors, stairs, etc. will not be cleared closer than two feet, for safety purposes. Customer is responsible for removing the remaining snow.

Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton will not be responsible for misplaced driveway gravel or dirt. We reserve the right to delay or deny service to those gravel or dirt areas during warm, slushy snow conditions.

Public roadway snow is removed by public agencies (Town of Truckee/Caltrans). Snow build up formed after your area is serviced will be removed the following day, if we feel it is necessary.

Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton reserves the right to determine routes, route start times, and will not guarantee a specific time of service due to the unknown timing of storms. Full Season Service customers will be serviced on a route basis, once within a 24-hour period. Routes typically start after approximately 4 inches of new snow has accumulated on average throughout the Donner Lake area. If the natural snowfall accumulation occurs in the afternoon, routes will typically begin after midnight.

EXTREME SNOW CONDITIONS. We will make every effort to provide timely service during extreme snow conditions. Routes maybe delayed beyond the 24-hour period due to water density of snowfall, rapid snow accumulation, limited visibility, equipment breakdowns, impassable public roads/road closures, or heavy traffic conditions. Freed’s Snow Removal will remain on route, however, may be delayed due to the above conditions.

Customer is financially responsible for all damages to Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton's equipment due to any objects left in your service area that causes damage to the equipment. Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton will notify customer of any equipment damage and issue an invoice for repair parts, labor, and any equipment down time. Equipment down time is charged at an hourly rate and is based on the overall demand of the equipment at the time of break down, to be reasonably determined by Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton.

Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton will not be responsible for, repair, or pay for the repair, of service areas that will not withstand normal snow removal operation and equipment. Areas that crush or fall apart due to water saturated base, thin base or asphalt, age, alligatoring, etc. is the customer’s responsibility. Asphalted areas should be a minimum of 3” of asphalt. Service areas may show marks or grooves from the equipment due to normal snow removal operations. Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton is not responsible for replacing or repairing normal wear and tear caused to surfaces from normal snow removal operations.

Customer and property users will not hold Mow Dayton/Snow Dayton and/or its employees responsible for any accidents that may occur on or around the service area before, during, or after snow removal not directly involving our equipment.